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Super Lawyer

SuperLawyers Awarded for 2023

Friday May 5, 2023

For the 14th consecutive year, Steven Gruel’s outstanding legal work has been recognized with the presentation of the Super Lawyers Award for 2023. Attorney Steven Gruel continues to successfully fight for his clients contesting criminal charges or embroiled in civil litigation. With his nearly 40 years of legal experience, including 16 years as a federal prosecutor, Steven’s one-on-one approach with each client provides the complete representation package all clients deserve.

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Monday April 10, 2023

As part of Steve’s diversified practice, he is representing Brazil based agribusinesses Campo and Canpo Trade in venture capital discussions in London for projects feeding Africa. Similar discussions have occurred in Brazil, Panama and New York.

Steven Gruel at Courth House


Thursday March 9, 2023

The defense filed its Notice of Appeal in the case of former FBI agent Babak Broumand. Steven Gruel told press inquiries that "we believe that several viable grounds exist in this case. Specifically, the prosecution's evidence at trial vastly expanded and differed from the charges in the indictment. Consequently, at trial the prosecution presented the Jury with an improper 'constructive amendment' beyond that with the Grand Jury first indicted Broumand. It's a serious due process violation." "Also, given Broumand's extensive counterintelligence work with the FBI, this case involved extensive sealed pretrial litigation under the Classified Information Act. In two decades of work, the fruits of Broumand's intelligence success were provided to the highest levels of government, including the White House. The prosecution, however, precluded from trial significant and relevant defense evidence on the grounds of alleged national security concerns. The Jury never got to hear evidence we believe refuted and explained much of the government's allegations of criminal conduct in this case."
(See full story from LAW360)

LAW360 article
Steven Gruel at his Office

Outstanding Result For Client in Alleged $32 Million Dollar Workers’ Comp Fraud Case

Wednesday March 1, 2023

Facing numerous felony charges and several years in state prison for years of fraudulent nonpayment of required state insurance funds totaling nearly $32 Million dollars, Steven represented his client so as to negotiate a plea bargain whereby the client was required to serve only 90 total days in San Francisco County Jail upon paying $300,000 in restitution. Upon release, the client will a serve a remainder of the sentence on home detention with the ability to work so as to make restitution payments totaling only around $8 Million dollars.
The People of The State of California v. Gina Gregori, Case Number 17008012

Steven Gruel with Broumand


Monday, February 27, 2023

Federal Judge Gary Klausner rejected the prosecution’s request for a 10-year sentence against former FBI agent Babak Broumand. Instead, the Judge looked to the defense sentencing memorandum and noted the years of service by Mr. Broumand before granting Steven’s request to a variance from the sentencing guidelines. The Judge imposed a sentence of 6 years. The prosecution’s additional request that the Court find that Mr. Broumand committed perjury at trial was also rejected by Judge Klausner.
United States V. Babak Broumand, CR-20-224-RGK
(see Steven’s Sentencing Memorandum seeking a reduction attached)

court document
Steven Gruel in Santa Monica

Habeas Petition GRANTED! Client Wins Vacating 210 Month Sentence In Federal Prison

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Steven’s Habeas Petition attacking his client’s sentence of 210 months was granted by the Federal District Court. The Judge agreed with Steven’s Petition that there were errors in the United States Sentencing Guidelines calculation at the sentencing hearing and vacated the sentence. The client will be resentenced in June 2023 and we will be seeking a reduced sentence.
United States v. Damari Singleton, CR-16-0518-BLF
(see Federal Court decision attached)

court document

FBI AGENT CORRUPTION TRIAL: 2 Counts “Not Guilty” & Forfeiture of Tahoe House Denied!

Wednesday October 5, 2022

“We are disappointed with the 4 guilty counts but not defeated. Two criminal counts were dismissed by the Jury. Significantly, the jury also refused to forfeit Mr. Broumand’s $2.5M Tahoe house to the government,” said Steven Gruel, counsel for Broumand. “We look forward to the appeal on the 4 guilty counts.”
United States V. Babak Broumand, CR-20-224-RGK

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