A former federal prosecutor with over 35 years of experience and a proven track record of success.

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Steven F. Gruel - Blue Colt Investigations

California Licensed Private Investigator

Working as a Federal Prosecutor for 15 years Steven F. Gruel worked with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and used investigative techniques and methods to help solve some of his biggest cases.

"Frankly, I've developed a network of some of the best retired FBI, IRS and other law enforcement agents to assist in my investigations. My network includes other skilled independent investigators who will work with me to get the job done."

"I've always liked handling cases with long investigations," Gruel explained in this article from California Lawyer Magazine. "I was on the Organized Crime Task Force for ten years, where we made cases based on undercover operations and stings. Investigation was so part and parcel of being a federal prosecutor that I just wanted to continue with it."

Now, with Blue Colt Investigations he can use these same skills and techniques to help with your case or legal matter.

Ask for Blue Colt Investigations today at 415-989-1253 or contact him on the web here.

Available Services:

  • Surveillance
  • Asset Searches/Locate Bank Accounts/Mortgages
  • Criminal Defense
  • Locate Witnesses / Missing Persons
  • Complete Domestic Investigations
  • Document Review
  • General and In-depth Business Investigations
  • Witness Interviews