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Steven F. Gruel Is An Experienced Attorney With A Proven Track Record Of Success In State And Federal Criminal Defense, White Collar Crimes, Corporate And Business Litigation, Tax Matters, Immigration Cases And Other Legal Matters.

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Recent News

Gavel of the Law

Federal Judge Dismisses U.S. Attorney 200 Kilo Cocaine Case

Wednesday September 26, 2018

After successfully filing defense motions to suppress the FBI's evidence, Federal Judge Jesus Bernal in the Los Angeles area dismissed a large drug trafficking case. The case involved 200 kilos of cocaine seized in the Los Angeles area in a semi-truck destined for Canada. Steven aggressively attacked the FBI's use of GPS device to follow his client and arrest him as part of the large drug conspiracy. With the successful attack on the prosecution's case, all the evidence was suppressed and the case dismissed. Steven's client was released and returned safely to his family in Canada. United States v. Slavco Ignjatov, CR-17-0222-JSB

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Gavel of the Law

Judge Agrees with Defense Motion; Says that FBI followed GPS Illegally

Thursday August 23, 2018

For the second time in two months, Steven won another critical motion in federal court suppressing illegal evidence gathered by the FBI. In this case, the FBI attached a GPS to a semi-truck belonging to Steven's client at the Canadian border in Michigan. The FBI believed that the client was involved in an International cocaine organization. The FBI did not apply for a search warrant for the GPS. The FBI followed the truck's movements for days and thousands of miles. Steven filed and the Judge granted a motion to dismiss all of the evidence in the case flowing from the illegal monitoring of the GPS. United States v. Slavco Ignjatov, et al; CR-17-0222-JGB

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Super Lawyer

Awarded Super Lawyer: 9 straight years!

Tuesday July 10, 2018

In July, 2018 Steven Gruel again earned recognition as a Super Lawyer. His practice of law continues to be viewed by others in the legal profession as outstanding.

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Legal Brief

Federal Judge Tossess Out Evidence Against Client

Tuesday July 3, 2018

Based on Steven Gruel’s motions to suppress for numerous violations by the FBI agent, a San Francisco Federal Judge agreed and suppressed incriminating evidence against the client. The FBI agent improperly used a cell site simulater to locate and arrest the client. Evidence found on the client and in his apartment was suppressed due to 4th Amendment violations. United States v. Hopkins, CR-16-0477-VC

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William Robles drawing of Steven Gruel

New Ad Features Courtroom Drawing By Famed Artist

Sunday July 1, 2018

Nationally famed courtroom artist William Robles’ drawing of Steven Gruel representing L.A. Private Investigator to the Hollywood Stars Anthony Pellicano is now featured in a new ad for the Law Offices of Steven F. Gruel. (see artwork in the new ad).

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Campo Trade LLC

Law Practice Launches Into Internationl Trade & Banking

Friday June 1, 2018

Built on years of experience with Brazlian companies, Steven Gruel launched Campo Trade LLC in the United States. Campo Trade LLC works with its sister companies in Brazil in exporting commodities throughout the globe.

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Homeland Security Logo

Judge Agrees That Drug Case Not Aggravated Felony

Tuesday October 17, 2017

Immigration Judge Joren Lyons agreed with the reasoning in Steven’s legal papers filed with the Court that the client’s state drug conviction did not constitute an aggravated felony for immigration removal proceedings. This significant ruling now permits the client to pursue many forms of relief from deportation which would have been forelosed to him. In Removal Proceedings, Hai Guang Tan, A035-591-734.

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Green Card

Immigration Tosses Marriage Fraud Charge

Friday May 5, 2017

In a huge immigration victory, an Immigration Judge granted Steven’s motion to dismiss charges that his client engaged in marriage fraud to obtain an alien registration card. Steven’s motion highlighted the lack of evidence to support ICE’s claim that the client was engaged in fraud. The entire deportation case was terminated by ICE. In Removal Proceedings, Chen Yu Feng, A060-580-188

Bid Rigging

Federal Anti-trust Trial Results In No Restitution

Monday April 24, 2017

In a hotly contested federal anti-trust case involving bid rigging in the public auction of foreclosed real estate, Steven had numerous counts dismissed, achieved one hung jury and then later successfully argued that his client owed no restitution based upon his conviction. Although the federal prosecuters argued for 41 months in custody and huge restitution figures based on $12.6 million dollars impact on commerce, Steven’s client was sentenced to just 14 months with no restitution owed whatsoever. Others sentenced in the large scale bid rigging schemes received considerably greater time and were ordered to pay large sums of restitution. United States v. Robert Rasheed, CR-14-0582-JD.

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Medical Logo

Federal Drug Case Thrown Out For Weak Evidence

Thursday April 28, 2016

The DEA filed a hugh conspiracy case charging 26 defendants with a large scale drug ring which was obtaining and selling oxycodone and hydrocodone throughout the country. With an aggressive investigation and pretrial motions, Steven successfully conviced the federal prosecutors to dismiss the indictment against his client. Of the 26 people charged, only this person was able to achieve a dismissal. United States v. Frankie Miller, et al, CR-15-0127-WHO.

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